Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Well I was able to post some new items to my shop. About time... I didn't realize how long it takes me to work on stuff. TOOO long.

I do have one thing I will bitch about on here tho. I have been working on a custom collage piece for a friend for about month and half. Could be longer tho. Well I got done w/ the finished product and had it out in the shop to let the poly harden. I get home from work the next day(yesterday) and it had been messed w/. I had added old tools for embellishments. (my hubby and I share a workshop w/ the in-laws.) His dad I guess came out there and tore off one of the pieces I used. Which was a piece of crap tool. My father in-law is a damn pack rat and digs through our's & other's garbage sometimes. I'm pretty damn levit. I work hard on what I make and god for bid some fucktard comes and fucks it up w/ out asking me if maybe I could not use that piece. Just tears it right out after he saw me that day working on it on my porch and put it up in the shop.

ugh... anywho I am working on another big peice. Which is a very sexual one. But I think it will be a great peice. It's big, not as big as the last one I did.

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