Monday, February 23, 2009

UGH... It's early in the morning and I'm a work. I'm working my ass off in what free time I get to make stuff for my store. I tell you what it feels like everything is in slow motion. Plus on top of it all, my camera broke. It was a cheap dig anyways. So I'm using a friends at work to be able to post crap I make and vintage I sell. That makes it a little more rough. Thank goodness I live in Florida in a hot spot for Spring Break. The season is kicking in, so money will be a a better more flow. Then I will be able to buy a new cam. Of course I've just started out a few months ago. I think I've done very well on sales for the short time I've been on Etsy. After seeing some others who has been on a while and hasn't had any.

I'll finish up this later. I'm heading back to the floor to work.


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