Friday, February 20, 2009

ok, well lets see I just feel like sharing a piece I wrote(along w/ may other things I've written for a friends local zine and online myspace blog.

----------It's in the middle---------
I'm sick of choking up emotions about you
My throat is sore
Funny how I've made myself out to be a whore
God damn it hurts to swallow
Everything has made me so much more hallow
I'm not sure how to fallow
Lost in the world so called my mind
Made my heart only bruise much more to a truer blue
Uncomfortable, becoming a little bit numb
Pooring out...
You make me sick, you make me feel dumb
I live my life full of regrets
Thinking just how you have become one
Maybe this all sounds a little crazy
Maybe this all sounds a little mad
Every pretty girl wants what she cant have
Just settles for second best
It's all played...
Should have just stayed out
I'm somewhat impatient and a bit insecure

I simply slap my heart on paper w/ a stroke of a pin. sometimes it's just how I write to express how I feel most of the time.

anywho... I'll be back later.

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  1. hey there I am glad to be found and find :) love your poetryabove. cant wait to see more.