Thursday, February 26, 2009

This is my world

Cindelyn had a fun idea. She posted 25 random things in her blog.
I thought I would share some things about me. People say I'm a little out there. But, hey I love me. I pulled these 25 random things from my myspace blog.

1. I am pagan and have an obession w/ collecting rosaries, and love looking church steeples
2. I (LOL) own way too many cats for my age. I don't care I f*#king love them.
I am a feet person... I love to look and study peoples feet and arm structure

4. I wished I would have gone to school to be a physiologist.... I don't have the drive to anymore to do it. But I so wanted to do it.
5. I love to write. As most of you already know this I'm sure(me too cheryl ;P)
6. I cry at times just thinking about my parents ever passing away. I love them more then they know.
7. I freaking LOVE butterflies... grace and beauty they have is so beautiful
8. I CAN NOT STAND IT WHEN PEOPLE SMOKE cigarettes AROUND ME. really bothers my breathing/ and it's rude
9. My favorite fairy tale is sleeping beauty/ snow white(because of the ol' witches)
10.I collect Halloween stuff.
12. I miss living in the same town as Kallie. My best friend for over 23 years now.
13. I am madly in love all over again.. I love you Scooter!
14. I want to cut my hair off so damn bad. a short pixie
15. Very shy, I may come off as a bitch at first. I'm a deep passionate person at heart
16.I love music and all kinds of art.
17. I prefer flip flops then any other shoe.
18.Love it when my baby holds me in public/ and in bed(like to sniff his armpits..LOL.
19.I'm a geek at heart :) i don't like anything in the norm
20.I miss my brother a lot. wish I saw him more..even tho he lives 4 hours away
21. I wished I called my grandparents more and visited.
22.I hate Vegas... blah
23. I love New Orleans
24.Wished my back piercing would have stayed.
25.Trying to be more positive/out going person... and I think it's working

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Well I was able to post some new items to my shop. About time... I didn't realize how long it takes me to work on stuff. TOOO long.

I do have one thing I will bitch about on here tho. I have been working on a custom collage piece for a friend for about month and half. Could be longer tho. Well I got done w/ the finished product and had it out in the shop to let the poly harden. I get home from work the next day(yesterday) and it had been messed w/. I had added old tools for embellishments. (my hubby and I share a workshop w/ the in-laws.) His dad I guess came out there and tore off one of the pieces I used. Which was a piece of crap tool. My father in-law is a damn pack rat and digs through our's & other's garbage sometimes. I'm pretty damn levit. I work hard on what I make and god for bid some fucktard comes and fucks it up w/ out asking me if maybe I could not use that piece. Just tears it right out after he saw me that day working on it on my porch and put it up in the shop.

ugh... anywho I am working on another big peice. Which is a very sexual one. But I think it will be a great peice. It's big, not as big as the last one I did.

Monday, February 23, 2009

UGH... It's early in the morning and I'm a work. I'm working my ass off in what free time I get to make stuff for my store. I tell you what it feels like everything is in slow motion. Plus on top of it all, my camera broke. It was a cheap dig anyways. So I'm using a friends at work to be able to post crap I make and vintage I sell. That makes it a little more rough. Thank goodness I live in Florida in a hot spot for Spring Break. The season is kicking in, so money will be a a better more flow. Then I will be able to buy a new cam. Of course I've just started out a few months ago. I think I've done very well on sales for the short time I've been on Etsy. After seeing some others who has been on a while and hasn't had any.

I'll finish up this later. I'm heading back to the floor to work.


Friday, February 20, 2009

ok, well lets see I just feel like sharing a piece I wrote(along w/ may other things I've written for a friends local zine and online myspace blog.

----------It's in the middle---------
I'm sick of choking up emotions about you
My throat is sore
Funny how I've made myself out to be a whore
God damn it hurts to swallow
Everything has made me so much more hallow
I'm not sure how to fallow
Lost in the world so called my mind
Made my heart only bruise much more to a truer blue
Uncomfortable, becoming a little bit numb
Pooring out...
You make me sick, you make me feel dumb
I live my life full of regrets
Thinking just how you have become one
Maybe this all sounds a little crazy
Maybe this all sounds a little mad
Every pretty girl wants what she cant have
Just settles for second best
It's all played...
Should have just stayed out
I'm somewhat impatient and a bit insecure

I simply slap my heart on paper w/ a stroke of a pin. sometimes it's just how I write to express how I feel most of the time.

anywho... I'll be back later.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The start of it all

well i just started this thing not much time to blog now, but i will be sure to update in a few.