Thursday, February 26, 2009

This is my world

Cindelyn had a fun idea. She posted 25 random things in her blog.
I thought I would share some things about me. People say I'm a little out there. But, hey I love me. I pulled these 25 random things from my myspace blog.

1. I am pagan and have an obession w/ collecting rosaries, and love looking church steeples
2. I (LOL) own way too many cats for my age. I don't care I f*#king love them.
I am a feet person... I love to look and study peoples feet and arm structure

4. I wished I would have gone to school to be a physiologist.... I don't have the drive to anymore to do it. But I so wanted to do it.
5. I love to write. As most of you already know this I'm sure(me too cheryl ;P)
6. I cry at times just thinking about my parents ever passing away. I love them more then they know.
7. I freaking LOVE butterflies... grace and beauty they have is so beautiful
8. I CAN NOT STAND IT WHEN PEOPLE SMOKE cigarettes AROUND ME. really bothers my breathing/ and it's rude
9. My favorite fairy tale is sleeping beauty/ snow white(because of the ol' witches)
10.I collect Halloween stuff.
12. I miss living in the same town as Kallie. My best friend for over 23 years now.
13. I am madly in love all over again.. I love you Scooter!
14. I want to cut my hair off so damn bad. a short pixie
15. Very shy, I may come off as a bitch at first. I'm a deep passionate person at heart
16.I love music and all kinds of art.
17. I prefer flip flops then any other shoe.
18.Love it when my baby holds me in public/ and in bed(like to sniff his armpits..LOL.
19.I'm a geek at heart :) i don't like anything in the norm
20.I miss my brother a lot. wish I saw him more..even tho he lives 4 hours away
21. I wished I called my grandparents more and visited.
22.I hate Vegas... blah
23. I love New Orleans
24.Wished my back piercing would have stayed.
25.Trying to be more positive/out going person... and I think it's working


  1. I only wear flip flops 99% of the

  2. I love the list awesome way to get to know ya. you cracked me up about the cats. And good luck with the positive :)

  3. Thanks for sharing your blog link in the etsy chats. Thought I would stop by and check it out. You can stop by mine anytime...
    Happy Day!
    Anni Kae
    p.s. I think the pixie cut would look so good on you. Think Halle'd look hot!