Saturday, October 30, 2010

Wow, I completely forgot I had this blog... until I tried leaving a comment for someone. I then had to sign in(forgot password). Sales have been all right. Etsy I haven't had many. Mostly local sales, friends, family, and such. I'm really wanting to do some costumes pieces in collage work. People shoot me ideas for them, but never fully come through with it. I prolly would have better sales if I stayed on top of my marketing.
Husband and I planned to move to New Orleans this past October. But the oil spill happen and ruined our plans. I was really looking forward to living there. More of my kind of place. Things happen plans always change. So we will be moving to the north Alabama area. Not what I had in mind. But we have friends that own a tattoo shop that my husband is working out of. While I am still here in Florida for the time being. A change would be nice. Be nice to get out of a seasonal job town.

any who here is some costume pieces and things I have worked on recently

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